A Private Incubator and Product Development Firm

A Private Incubator and Product Development Firm

A Private Incubator and Product Development FirmA Private Incubator and Product Development Firm

About Scott


Xpollin is run by Scott Broder who is is a product management Guru, a strategy Ninja, and a marketing Wizard with a rare mix of entrepreneurship and operating experience. Scott was a co-founder of the Inland TechStart Seed Fund and has personally made over a dozen angel investments in early-stage ventures. As a venture-backed serial entrepreneur and startup CEO with several exits to his credit, he was CEO of Opalis Software (acquired by Microsoft) where he raised $20m in venture capital led a revolution in data center software automation. As CEO of YogaAccessories.com (acquired by Boxwood Private Equity), he raised $5m and grew the #2 eCommerce store on Amazon for sports/health. Scott was an early employee at Citrix (#86) where he was product manager for the flagship and $60m in revenues and drove 14 M&A transactions. Scott is now a professor at Gonzaga University and teaches technology entrepreneurship in the business school as well as computer science in the engineering school. Technical, hands-on, process-oriented, data-driven. Respects the creative process. Advisor to VCs, startup CEOs. Domain expertise includes blockchain, eSports, enterprise software, NLP, EdTech, social media, games, robotics, drones, e-commerce, and bass fishing. Scott graduated from the University of Miami - BA Computer Science (1982) and Stanford Graduate School Of Business SEP (2000).    

Favorite line: "Sorry I am so direct, but please just get to the point."